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Chiropractic Website Design Frequently Asked Questions

What is website design?

It is creating a website specifically designed for your clinic that attracts patients into your clinic.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

There are specific elements that make a website rank better than another website with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) is the action of changing a website so it shows up high on the searches for your services.

How do Prospect Providers prices compare to similar website services?

The average price in the US to get a website designed is $100 to $200 per page, the average price to get a website optimized is $50 per page, our websites average 30 to 45 pages and they are optimized so if you were to have an internet company do the same it would cost you between $4500 and $11000. We charge $1500 to do the whole process and $250 a month to keep it optimized.

How can you do it for that much less?

Very simple, we only deal with one type of website and, because of repeating, the process gets faster with any new website that we make. There are, for example patients articles we can use on many websites, so when we find a change on what people search for, we can include pages to all our website to accommodate for that change.

A Yellow Page type company said they’d build me a website and I’d be on the top of the search engine.

There are many yellow page type companies that now provide websites. What they do is they have premade, cookie-cutter templates and they just put your business information on them. It takes them a couple of hours of work at most and what you get is basically a yellow page ad on the internet.

To create a website that gets to the top of the search engine and actually attracts customers to your clinic takes work; it takes research on what people are actually looking for on the internet in your area, then creating pages and text that will show up on top of each of those searches.

What is the difference between a cookie-cutter website and a website designed for my clinic?

A cookie cutter website is a pre-made form that gets filled in with your clinic information; they all look the same. If you are one of few chiropractic clinics  in your area that has a website, then a cookie-cutter website may for a short while show up on the first page of Google, but as soon as personally designed websites appear in your area, cookie-cutter websites move down on the search results.

The kid down the street said he’d make me a website for 100 bucks.

Well, have you ever heard a patient say “A friend of mine tried to fix my back for free”? Just as in chiropractic, also in website building you get what you pay for. The key here is what are you looking to get out of your website; if your goal is just to have a website but don’t really want more patients, then please go and see that kid down the street, but if your goal is to have an actual tool on the internet that flows patients into your clinic then we can help you.

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