Personal Injury Patients Mailing List Service

Mailing List service

There are two areas of accident reports lists that can be purchased:

Twin Cities, Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Twin Cities, Minnesota list options:

  1. Twin Cities, (this includes the entire Twin Cities area including the Sheriff Department’s and all available surrounding suburbs in the Twin Cities
  2. List of Minneapolis and all western suburban police and Sheriff Department’s
  3. List of St. Paul and all eastern suburban police and Sheriff Department’s
  4. List of western suburban police reports
  5. List of eastern suburban police reports

Milwaukee, Wisconsin lists options:

  1. The whole Milwaukee area and surrounding suburbs list.
  2. Sections of the individual area’s of Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs – Negotiable depending on what areas


These reports come on varying days throughout each week. They are sent on both email and fax. The cost is a monthly fee due on the first of each month. We work with clinics on a 6 month agreement plan. If the clinic chooses to pay for their whole fee all at once, the last month's payment is waived. Example, if someone wants the Twin Cities list, then instead of paying the full price every month for it, they would pay one payment up front for only 5 months which would have them paid for 6 months in full. Otherwise, the clinic can pay monthly.

I realize that a clinic may want more reports in the southern or northern part of an area.  These can be worked into an agreement as needed for the options that do not purchase the whole area.

The marketing company we have is also available to take on doing a direct Personal Injury marketing program that we provide for select clinics, depending on their location and availability. To find out if this option is available for your clinic please ask about it when you contact us.  We can only take on a certain amount of clinics per geographical area.

Call us now at (818)653-0288 or use the Contact Us page to ask for more information about this service and how it can help your clinic.

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