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Now let’s talk about website content. I have reviewed over 20 chiropractic clinic websites today and I am appalled; here is why: There are two major mistakes that show up over and over, the first is a simple lack of content and the second is inappropriate content. What do I mean by content? WORDS!

Let me explain; search engines want to please the customers, how do they do that? Well, say a customer is searching for “lower back pain”, the search engine goes: “let me find a website that has a lot of ’lower back pain’s and that must be just the thing he’s looking for.” Now your website only has one mention of lower back pain in a list of ailments you treat; how do you think you are going to score? Obviously not well. Now what if you had an article about lower back pain, an in it you used the keywords “lower back pain” 6 times, you also explained cures for it and what you can do about it, how do you think you would rate now?

Let’s take the inappropriate content since this was the second biggest problem. Let’s say you write 1000 words that cover certificates that you have and a technical article about neuromuscular therapy. Now this gives you the apparency that your website has content now. Well let’s see if it does. Your potential customer has a back pain or wants an adjustment, what is he going to search for? Very likely not “neuromuscular therapy” or “Board of Chiropractic Examiners”, he’s going to look for what he wants in his own words. So inappropriate content is really just more no content camouflaged.

Part of what we do when we create a website for your chiropractic clinic is to ensure there is plenty of (user friendly) content to get your website at the top of the search engine for your area.

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