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In building trust and confidence with a chiropractic patient, it is important not to confuse or mislead them. One of the biggerst mistake some chiropractors do that confuses patients is to use technical terms.

It is easy to forget that most patients do not understand a lot about their body. You assume they know because of the few patients who do know something about chiropractic.

Do not use technical terms in your conversations with patients. They do not know what you are talking about and quickly start to DISLIKE you, although they couldn't tell you why.

Whenever possible, use examples they understand to explain anything that you would normally say in technical terms.

Now let's apply this to your website and marketing; a website with confusing technical articles tends to drive new patients away. Whenever you write an article for your website (or for any marketing you do) have someone who knows nothing of chiropractic read it, then only use it if they can easily understand it.

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