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Prospect providers was created to assist clinic owners (chiropractors or physical therapists) with their marketing needs. As the sources of new patients changed we incorporated website services to the services we provide. Click here to read chiropractic clinic articles.

Our Team

Annie Brown Chiro Marketing SpecialistAnnie Brown
Marketing Specialist

Annie is fully trained as a Marketing Executive, she has been helping countless chiropractors and physical therapists to expand their clinics and gain new patients.

Annie originally grew up in Wayzata, MN. She ran multiple projects in the field of education including opening a private academy in St. Louis Park, MN that is still currently doing well and thriving. She even produced and hosted a cable TV show on the subject of ADD/ADHD which focused on kids being improperly labeled and drugged, it then provided parents and teachers solutions of how they could handle these situations without the use of drugs and labels and also provided information on their rights.

In 2001 she worked for a chiropractic office in Twin Cities, MN where she applied all her education and know-how on business and marketing. As a result of this she created a successful Personal Injury marketing program to get new patients directed into the clinic, this program caused that clinic to expand to a whole new level.

Seeing what this personal injury marketing program meant for this one clinic she decided to export it to all chiropractic and physical therapist clinics in Minnesota. To do this she opened her own marketing practice in the Twin Cities area. In 2005 she moved to Los Angeles and expanded her marketing practice field to the whole US.

She lives in Pasadena with her daughter and cat ;)

Matteo Galbiati Website Design and SEO specialistMatteo Galbiati
Business Marketing and Internet Specialist

Matteo is a fully trained business and marketing consultant. He has specialized in the area of small to medium sized businesses.

Over the years he personally directed over 300 businesses marketing programs that resulted in an average increase of 25% in revenue to each of those businesses.

He also personally managed a multimillion dollar consulting company and introduced it to using internet marketing and using the internet as a main source of new business into the organization, he later exported this to every business consulted.

In the last several years he has specialized in creating websites that drive new business into any organization.

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